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My experience with 3 To Be Me has been life changing. As a new business, in a new area, growth has been slow.....until now! We did a soft launch of the 3 To Be Me System in mid February 2015, and I immediately noticed a difference in retail purchases. In early March 2015 we did a full training with the staff, and the numbers have continued to grow in both the service and retail totals. I know that it is working just by tracking the numbers. While our service totals continue to grow a few hundred dollars a month, our retail totals have more than tripled since our start with Dayna. I love this system for so many reasons.

   Lauren Moser, Owner, Hair Lab Detroit & NAHA Nominated 2013 & 2015 

   Salon Owner first year, Stylist 17 years

Dayna's "3 To Be Me Concept" really opens up and personalizes the consultation, helping to ensure trust in a shared vision that carries forward to the final results. My clients sees the value in a new approach in efforts to help them with their hair reflecting the whole image of who they mean to be. I would recommend 3 To Be Me to any stylist who needs a system that can build and retain clients.  

    Brandie M., Portland OR 

    Stylist 5 years


Dayna's 3 To Be Me consult has increased my business.  My clients old and new love my new consult. It lets them know I am truly hearing them by asking the right questions starting with their past experiences (good and bad) to what they want their hair to say about them.  Everyone wants to be heard and 3 To Be Me makes it a reality. Thank you Dayna for giving me the tools to make consult painless for me, and allowing my clients to finally trust their hairstylist. 

    Sandra S., Hood River OR  

    Stylist 5 years (relocated to Oregon in 2013) 


Dayna is an amazing educator! 3 To Be Me is an ingenious idea. With her 3 to Be Me Consultation System, you will really learn to connect and build a solid foundation of trust with each and everyone of your clients. Her advanced education and techniques that she has learned in the expanse of her career is such an inspiration to me. Stay tuned with 3 To Be Me and you won't be sorry!  

    Miya Joy, Portland, OR

    Stylist first year, 2014 















Celia 3 To Be Me Testimonial with Before and After

This is from an existing client of 10 years, Celia, as she tells why 3 To Be Me communication system works. Celia shares her testimonial before we transformed her hair. Stay tuned for the transformation at the end of the video.

"In the course of every life, there are moments that change everything. I had one of those moments the first time I sat in Dayna Cakebread’s chair. I went to the salon on the advice of a gorgeous-haired friend who described how her life had been transformed by Dayna’s approach to helping her clients enhance and embrace their beauty.


So, after decades of hiding under a tangle of hair that had a life of its own, I peeked out to find Dayna asking for three things I wanted my hair to express about who I am with the  3 To Be Me consultation. She was inviting me to look inside, to dare to admit my secret wish to be beautiful, to truly become myself. And I took the invitation.


Dayna taught me some simple but powerful hair care skills, and shown me how (and why) to use products that would make it easy to maintain the style I’d chosen. I can still remember the feeling I had when I looked in the mirror and saw the smart, fun, and sexy woman who had replaced the dowdy bush baby I’d felt myself to be at the beginning of my appointment. It was like magic.


Dayna’s unique approach to understanding what I want my hair to say, and her ongoing care and instruction, have made an enormous difference in my self-esteem, and have given me the confidence to be more successful in my personal and professional lives than I ever imagined I could be. 

    Brandy P., Portland,OR 

    Client since 2005 

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