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5 Hair Mistakes that Clients Make

Every time a client comes in I start with problem solving why their hair is splitting, too thin around the face, dull looking or color fadeage, course feeling, frizzy, and / or breaking.

What is causing this? If I can solve the mystery, then I can sleep better know that my work will look better out in the world! If I give them the tools and tips how to stop this, I'll have they friends and family notice... Hey your hair looks different. Who are you seeing?

This is why I this is my first stop with every client because if my haircut looks good walking out the door, there is good chance it will not look good until I see them again.

So take a few minutes to solve those at home mistakes. If they look good until you see them next, then you look good too!

Follow my 5 solutions for every client and you'll see more referrals!

Note: if none of these solutions are helping, refer them to see a medical profession. It could be dietary or side effects from something else.

Click to see the whole five!


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