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What, Why and Who Video

How 3 To Be Me Was Created 

Every journey has a beginning. Mine was in 1994, the first year of my career when I realized that my clients were coming in with pictures for me to copy a haircut (think Jenifer Aniston). I felt like was a robot hairdresser or my hands were tied behind my back, How was I going to get to know my clients in 5-10 minutes before making a plan. I decided I had to change my consultation to a more collaborative approach. I ask my clients, “What does this persons hair say about them?” They started describing the images with adjectives like Playful, Natural, Unique. That moment was my epiphany, and in one year I gained a full clientele because I realized that this was the missing piece to our beauty connection. The other missing piece is shifting our habits at home to set you up for success. Having these 2 sustainable beauty systems in place makes everyone live their best selves.


It’s my honor to share 3 To Me Be Hair. It’s been my life mission to share this well defined system that has been tested in salons across the country, and I am excited to share 3 To Me Be Communication Systems as an online program.


Celia's 3 To Be Me Testimonial 

In this video you will see Celia before we transform her hair. Listen to her testimonial about her experience with 3 To Be Me and why the communication system works.This is a long term client of 10 years. Check out her transformation.

3 To Be Me supports salons, stylists, and clients by teaching how to lead, investigate and create. Get started today!

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Interested in becoming a 3 To Be Me Salon? Try out the consultation tools at no cost by subscribing above!

3 To Be Me Concept is a form of Consumer Neuroscience where the left brain creates an emotional connection with brand loyalty when trust has been made.

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